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Vitamin-C Dr.Shower Head buy in 청원군 on 한국어
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Vitamin-C Dr.Shower Head

Vitamin-C Dr.Shower Head

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Vitamin-C Dr.Shower Head
Vitamin-C Dr.Shower Head' contains the factors reacting with a chlorine rapidly to purify the water passing by the shower head. So, it is the advanced technic to purify the water for preventing any possible troubles such like atopy, urtication, dandruff, a hair damage, a skin stretch after washing, a keratinization. Both the far infrared rays and anion illuminated from the special ceramic help the user enjoy a healthy and good bath.
Recommendable users
- The baby and the juvenescent children takes the shower every
- Any one who has a trouble on their skin such like atopy.
- An asthmatic person
- The person who is suffered from a dandruff and keratinization.
- The person who is for a beauty care

4 filters system
The first step filer: Filter treated by nano-silver
Remove a sediments of the rust and a foreign element & works as a sterilization.

The second step filter: Vitamin-C Filter
(Active Ingredients: Vitamin-C)

The third step filter: Antimicrobial Ceramic Ball
It kills germs and bacteria in the tap water.

The fourth step filter: Illuminating the far infrared rays and anion
A bundle of the far infrared rays and anion come out, so the user feel so cool like working in the forest.

How to replace
How to replace the shower head (Designed as per the int'l specification)
Turning around the holder to release and replace the shower head.
- Replace the second filter only required.
- Easy to check out the right replacement. Shake well and see the content on the inside. (The white powder shall be changed
into the extracting liquid after mixing with the water)
- It is lasting up to 20 ~ 30 days more after the date when there's no white powder inside.
- The replacement time can be expected when the water shall be shown as the transparent water.
- Normally 45, or 60 days can be lasting for 4 members of the family. But it can be slightly flexible on how much water can be
used in a day.
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Vitamin-C Dr.Shower Head
Vitamin-C Dr.Shower Head
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