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    SuiShot® Delta2

    SuiShot® Delta2

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    대한민국, 대전시
    SuiShot® Delta2
    Protecting both porcine enzootic pneumonia and Glasser's disease
    Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae, Haemophilus parasuis serotype 4 and 5 combined vaccine developed for the first time domestically
    Piglets in 1,3 weeks of age can be early vaccinated
    Inoculation expense without financial burden : 1 week of age 1.0㎖, 3 weeks of age 2.0㎖

    Purpose and Description

    SuiShot® Delta2 is used for prevention of porcine enzootic pneumonia and Glasser's disease.

    Administration & Dosage

    - Initial vaccination: Over 7 days after birth, IM on the neck, 1.0 ml
    - Second vaccination: 2 weeks after initial vaccination, IM, 2.0ml

    Package units
    10㎖, 20㎖, 30㎖, 50㎖, 100㎖
    Expiration date
    18 months from production date

    Store the vaccine in the dark at between 2 and 7℃

    1. For healthy pigs only.
    2. Use the sterilized syringe.
    3. Warm up the vaccine around at 25℃ before use. DO NOT boil the vaccine
    on the direct flame.
    4. Disinfect rubber stopper of the vaccine before pulling.
    5. Inject right on route.
    6. Keep 1 needle, 1 animal.
    7. Stay calm during at least 1~2 days after vaccination and avoid travel or
    serious movement.
    8. Do not vaccinate diseased pigs.
    9. Make a special attention to following animals before vaccination.
    - Pigs with fever, diarrhea and other clinical abnormalities.
    - Pigs on treating diseases or with not enough interval after treatment.
    - Pigs with malnutrition.
    10. After vaccination, pigs could show temporary fever, lethargy, anorexia and
    other mild side effects, but recover in a couple of days.
    11. Keep out of direct sunlight, boiling or freezing.
    12. Use entire content once opened and remaining content after use must be safely
    13. Do not use the frozen vaccine.
    14. Do not use abnormal vaccine in appearance and content.
    15. Vials and syringes must be abolished safely after use.
    16. In case the vaccine is injected on hands or fingers by mistake,
    the vaccine fluid must be out of the body immediately and go and
    see a surgeon with a vaccine label.
    17. Follow the instruction of veterinarian.
    18. For veterinary use only.
    19. For more information, call local distributors or manufacturer.
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    SuiShot® Delta2
    SuiShot® Delta2
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