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통화 KRW
Omija Marmalade buy in 진주시 on 한국어
구매하기 Omija Marmalade
Omija Marmalade

Omija Marmalade

사용 가능
  • 21000 KRW/pc  - 부터 1000 pc
대한민국, 진주시
전화 번호를 보여 주기
기술적 특성
  • 상표Sanbaraegi Omija Farm
  • 제조 업체대한민국

omija marmalade

Sort out fresh Omija (schizandra berries),
and ripen for 12 months at low temparature.

Omija 60% refined sugar 40%
Ripening period : 12 months   
No food additives
Shelf life : 2 years
Made by Sanbaraegi Omija Farm
( 632-10, Uiam-ro, Janggye-myeon, Jangsu-gun, Jeollabuk-do, Korea )


omija : Strengthen heart&lung fuction.
 Reduce blood pressure ,relieve cough.and boost immunity.
Effective in fatigue recovery, so omija is used as a tonic in Oriental medicine
Helpful for dry-mouth symptoms caused by diabetics.
Containing retinol, beta-carotine, vitamines etc. that prevent cellular oxidation.
Show outstanding effectiveness in skin antiaging.


『Donguibogam』  - One of the classics in the history of Eastern medicine,
The medical encyclopedia in Korean, which means 'Mirror of Eastern Medicine.'

“Improve frailty and vision. Warm up kidneys and strengthen stamina.
Enhance virility and make man’s phallus big. Quench one’s thirst, remove a fever.
Relieve alcoholic poisoning, cure cough & panting symptom.”


Omija(schizandra berries)
Ingredients & Effects

Retinol-Pure vitamin. Essential for vision, skin health, bone
growth, and teeth remineralization. Skin antiaging.

 β-carotene  - Prevent body cell from damage by active oxygen.
prevent free radical,  antioxidative effect,  skin health.

Tannin  -  Ingredient that makes acerbity.Helpful for diet because
it inhibits the absorption of fat.

Fatigue  -  Omija contains lots of organic acid ,schizandrin·gomisin
·citral etc,so it is effective in fatigue recovery. Used as a tonic

Thirst,Sweat  -  Helpful for dry-mouth symptoms caused by diabetics..
Improve hyperhidrosis.

cardiovascular -  Strengthen heart, control blood pressure, prevent
circulatorydisturbance. Also improve lung function.


***We are looking for companies that want to import our products.

Our Omija Marmalade is competitive!!

welcome anytime.  Email :

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Omija Marmalade
Omija Marmalade
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