Laundry washing ball buy in 청원군 on 한국어
    Laundry washing ball buy in 청원군 on 한국어
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    Laundry washing ball buy in 청원군 on 한국어
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    Laundry washing ball

    Laundry washing ball

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    Laundry washing ball
    • Washing Ball is scientifically designed to do the washing without detergent.
      It contains quadruple special ceramic balls and permanent magnets.
    • Washing can be done using the Washing Ball alone, as it has the same functions as existing synthetic powder detergents.
    • The excellent results related to the quality and functions of the Washing Ball can be verified through national authorized institutions.
    • Compared with existing washing methods, the Washing Ball is more economical to use as it saves water and eletricity. Rinsing also takes a shorter time.
    • It is global invention which was recorded in invention patent, a utility model, design and trade mark. Also Washing Ball is a Healthful Scientifically Designed Product as it helps protect the environment and maintain your health.
    • Uses and time of period
      :For Washing Machine (Front Loaders, Top Loaders)
      :More than 2 years (if used once a day)
    • Developed by the original technology " non-woven pouch for washing ball and its making or method. Korean Patent Registration finished. PCT (Int'l )application.
      Design Registration is finished or progressing in 34 countries including EU.
    Washing principle
    • The powerful wave energy by the far-infrared rays generated in the Washing Ball activates water molecules, leading to excellent penetrating and washing operation. At the same time, their actions emit anions and increase the surface tension and surface activity of water molecules, which is the basic principle in removing fabric dirt.
    • By maintaining the level of synthetic detergent at Alkali PH, the Alkali Ball contained inside the Washing Ball makes it easy to wash oily elements, the major stains found on clothes.
    • As the Antimicrobial Acting Balls contained in the Washing Ball remove all molds and bacilli in your washing machine and activate the water, cleaning your clothes is much more efficient.
    • As the Chlorine Balls contained in the Washing Ball remove the residual chlorine in water and prevent fabrics from oxidizing and changing in color due to chlorine, the fabrics of your clothes are protected and its elasticity is maintained.
    • The Permanent Magnets contained in the Washing Ball change the pentagonal ring structure of water molecules into hexagonal ring structures using powerful Gaussian forces, and it improves the cleaning efficiency by increasing the surface tension and penetration into fabric dirt.

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    Laundry washing ball
    Laundry washing ball
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