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Clément Heating Film buy in 서울시 on 한국어
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Clément Heating Film

Clément Heating Film

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Our CLÉMENT Heating Film is a perfect choice for new construction, remodeling or in retrofit projects under an existing floor. CLÉMENT Heating Film are based on our safe and energy efficient patented flat heating element. The energy efficient properties makes it just as suitable for floor warming as it is for heating an entire house or commercial building.

CLÉMENT Perfectly Warm Floor System installs easily between joists below sub floors. It is an ideal under floor heating solution. When used to compliment more traditional yet inefficient heating systems,
CLÉMENT Heating Film System allows you to reduce the usage of your primary system for greater energy savings and lower monthly heating bills. Containing no moving parts and of unparalleled durability, the CLÉMENT Heating Film System can help extend the life of your existing heating system without additional maintenance costs.

CLÉMENT Heating Film elements on the insulator film coated with carbon fever unit and connected to the electrode formed on the part of one or more copper bars. For the smooth flow of current, the silver part and fever unit of carbon in the upper and lower surfaces of the insulating film is combined with a protective film or heating products.

◆ Carefully Selected Materials and High-Tech Facilities
Materials used for CLÉMENT Heating Film are carefully selected products and the manufacturing machine facilities are made by the best technicians in the country, which is acknowledged by not only the foreign buyers but also domestic companies. CLÉMENT Heating Film is a surface heating element made by advanced printing technology which is process below 1 micron that has the characteristic of releasing heat by high-resistant Carbon which is applied to PET Film. It is composed of Carbon-based thin film that went heat treatment in 160℃~200℃.

◆ Features of CLÉMENT Heating Film
The cladding is special material combine PET and nano technology, and it is laminated with specially manufactured laminating machine not to contact with air. So it has excellent waterproof effect and can be used semi-permanently.

◆ CARBON Mix Process
Digital control system is used for accurate mix process. (Removal of impurities)

◆ Chamber Drying
Use of high capacity (300KW) heater allows high temperature drying. No film impedance or transformation due to air blast method of capillary tube.

◆ Laser-printed copperplates
Laser bottom up method is used for the first time domestically making thickness and nominal resistance of carbon when printed accurate.

CLÉMENT Heating Film certifies that the products and parts of the products do not contain the materials which can harm an environment or health:
Cadmium, Halogen, Polybromo biphenyl, Polybromo diphenyl ether, Asbestos, Organic tin derivative, Azo derivative, Chloroparaffin, Phthalate and Bisphenol-A, Total lead content, ASTM F963 Total heavy metal, Phthalate content, EN 71-3 soluble heavy metal, ISO 8134-3 soluble heavy metal, CCPSA heavy metal content.



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Clément Heating Film
Clément Heating Film
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