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Cargo Crane Horyong HRS216 South Korea buy in 김제시 on 한국어
구매하기 Cargo Crane Horyong HRS216 South Korea
Cargo Crane Horyong HRS216 South Korea

Cargo Crane Horyong HRS216 South Korea

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Cargo Crane Horyong HRS216 South Korea

Model 7Ton 6section Minus Boom Crane
Maximum Rated Lifting Capacity 18 ton.m
Maximum Working Radius 19.7 m
Maximum Working Height 22.7 m
Rated Lifting
1st 3,900 kg / 4.6 m
2nd 1,850 kg / 7.6 m
3rd 1,100 kg / 10.7 m
4th 850 kg / 13.7 m
5th 620 kg / 16.7 m
6th 470 kg / 19.7 m
Boom Type Hexagonal
Section 6
Structure 3Cylinder 2Wire
Derrick Angle -17˚ ~ 81˚
Cylinder 2Cylinder
Winch Type Spur Gear Reduction
Brake Automatic Mechanical Brake
Wire Φ10 x 120m
Slewing Type Worm Gear Reduction
Brake Hydraulic Brake
Angle 360˚ Continues
Speed 2.5 rpm
Front Outrigger Type Hydraulically Expending
Maximum Span 6.1m
Rear Outrigger
Type Hydraulically Expending
Maximum Span 4.3m
Hydraulic Fluids Rated Flow 70 ℓ/min(1500rpm)
Rated Pressure 210 bar
Oil Reservoir 200 ℓ
Weight Crane Assembly 3,368 kg
Rear Outrigger 382 kg


Weight Lightening

The use of high-tensile steel and optimum design has reduced the weight drastically to maximize the vehicle loading capacity.

Longer Life

Design theoretical calculations, finite element method-based stress analysis, and reliability testing ensure increased product life and innovative technology.


  • Smooth Boom Movement
  • Side Pad Control Device
  • Sequential Operation
  • Telescopic Cylinder
  • Auto-welding system for Boom

Smooth Movement

The boom is hexagonal and strong enough to resist bending and smoothly extends and folds as it is using low-friction pads. It also uses the best available counterbalance valves to improve the crane work safety.

Side Pad Control Device

A side pad is assembled to the boom side using bolts to control adjustment of the pad contact pressure to compensate for wear.

Sequential Operation

The second and third booms are operated in stages by the cylinder to improve the crane safety, while the fourth, fifth, and sixth booms are synchronized with the cylinder and wire, to improve the operating speed and workability.

Auto-welding Boom Fabrication

The straight line auto welding method has been used during boom fabrication to achieve a high welding standard and to maintain boom strength and a smooth finish.


  • Antirotation Pin
  • Hydraulic Brake
  • PVG32 Valve
  • Autoaccelerator
  • Diverter Valve
  • Silent Winch
  • Double Derrick
  • Single Derrick
  • Stop Valve
  • Air Breather

Antirotation Pin

The boom rotates a full 360˚ to improve the work ability and both a hydraulic brake and a mechanical antirotation pin is fitted to it to prevent it from suddenly swiveling due to centrifugal force while the vehicle is in motion.

Hydraulic Brake

The rotating system is a combination of a worm gear and a spur gear for smooth movement of the boom. The brake is hydraulically released while the crane is in operating mode but it automatically begins action to prevent natural swiveling of the boom when the crane is in Standby mode.

PVG32 Valve

Danfoss PVG32 proportional control valves are used to maintain accurate control of individual and joint movements. The operation of the levers is very sensitive so that the operator does not become fatigued during long periods of operation. Top Seat Model

Auto accelerator

The operating position is located at the bottom of the crane for convenient freight loading and unloading on the vehicle. Also, once the operator touches the lever, the vehicle engine will automatically accelerate to operating speed, for the convenience of the operator. Standard Model

Diverter Valve

A diverter valve is adopted to prevent accidents that may occur when an operator is extending the outriggers for the four main functions of the crane such as Derrick, Winch, Swing, and Telescope. Top Seat Model

Silent Winch

The winch system has a of spur gear reducer combination to guarantee silent and smooth crane operation and its brake is the Ratchet Type to prevent hung material from sagging.

Double Derrick Cylinder

Double derrick cylinders are adopted to improve the product stability and the power. HRS 204, 206, 216 Model

Single Derrick Cylinder

A single derrick cylinder, the biggest among equivalent models, is adopted for smooth operation and longer life. HRS 156 Model

Stop Valve

A stop valve is attached to the oil tank outlet to check the hydraulic oil flow for clean and smooth operation.

Air Breather

An air breather is attached to the other side of the oil filling hole to minimize vapors in the oil tank and prevent them from flowing back into the hydraulic pump.


  • Wide Outrigger
  • Four-Way Float
  • Auto Side Shift
  • Controllable Outrigger

Wide Outrigger

The outriggers can be extended further than the longest among equivalent models to guarantee crane work safety.

Front Outrigger Span

5.6 m

Rear Outrigger Span

4.3 m

Four-Way Float

When the outrigger supporting ground is uneven, the float is able to rotate in all directions to maintain crane stability and balance.

Auto Side Shift

The outriggers are extended and retracted using hydraulic cylinders to improve the operability.

Controllable Outrigger

The rear outrigger is designed so that the height can be adjusted by bolts to suit the crane carrier height or the outrigger supporting ground condition. In addition, the hydraulic hoses are hidden inside the outrigger to prevent damage from any external impact.



A sub-winch is additionally provided to the crane to winch up and down light and small freight in a very short time. The Sub-winch capacity is rated at: ( 1.5 Ton, 2.0 Ton Sub-winch )


A sub-boom is attached to the end of the sixth boom for sub winch or long reach crane operation.

0.5 m, 3.2 m Sub-Boom

Personal Basket

A basket can be attached at the end of the crane boom for convenient work at elevated positions and it is automatically swiveled and balanced.

Oil Cooler

Higher hydraulic oil temperatures can cause hydraulic oil leaks, resulting in lower crane efficiency and loss of power. An oil cooler is installed to control the hydraulic oil temperature and maintain efficient operation at all times.

Over Winding Proof - Wireless

If the hook was to retract beyond the limit of the boom, the wire could be cut or damaged, resulting in the load dropping to the ground and perhaps causing a fatal accident. To prevent this, a warning system is fitted to the crane, i.e., when the hook reaches a set position, a buzzer will beep and the winch will stop automatically to prevent accidental over retraction of the hook.

Overload Protective Device

Lifting a weight which is over the allowable crane capacity may cause serious damage to the boom and the crane. A warning overload system is fitted so that when the crane is trying to lift a load which exceeds the allowable crane capacity, a buzzer will beep and the winch will stop automatically to always maintain safe working conditions.

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Cargo Crane Horyong HRS216 South Korea
Cargo Crane Horyong HRS216 South Korea
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