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808nm Diode Laser ICE RF X-Forte buy in 대전시 on 한국어
구매하기 808nm Diode Laser ICE RF X-Forte
808nm Diode Laser ICE RF X-Forte

808nm Diode Laser ICE RF X-Forte

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대한민국, 대전시
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1. Laser system ▶X-Forte is the equipment which has been designed by our R&D team through dermatologist's advice to meet skin and body care needs. ▶ X-Forte can be used for various skin types, which is safe and effective. ▶ X-Forte is utilized with 808nm Diode laser and high frequency energy, which enables to remove deeply rooted follicle. And also, RF function is added to X-Forte to get rid of tanned skin hair. It enables to completely perform a wide range of operation for removing hair on the arm, leg and armpit at 1~20Hz regular repetition rate, and it is economical and cost efficient because it enables to perform a medical treatment in a shorter time
2. ICE RF system ... Merit of Laser+RF Treatment ▶Comparing to other surgery, it makes a patient feel more comfortable because it gives less pain with a short treatment time. ▶It enables to deal with pimple, pore, wrinkle etc. ▶There is no side effect, no obstacle remains to maintain a daily life. ▶Even Without injection or surgery, it provides effective result as medical treatment for removing wrinkles
3. LIFTING system Wrinkles Effect Laser and RF Energy deliver to Skin Considering improvement of Wrinkles safely. We adopt cooling system, which provides great effect on the treatment by non surgical way without making any obstacles in a daily life.As shown in the picture, hot spot is formed with diode laser and RF cross-linked in the depth 1-2.5mm tolead strong heat and develop a collagen fiber, through which collagen in the dermis is newly formed. Epidermis is not damage through contact cooling.
4. Cooling system RF+Cooling EffectRF energy is the proved one that has been medically used for a long time. It can be used in an efficient way by transmitting high frequency energy to dermis or subcutaneous to proliferate collagen and dissolve fat.Differently from previous high frequency, it is a RET system, a semi conductor & water cooling system which is designed to transmit hightemperature but protect epidermis and maximize treatment effect as well.

제품 사양
소비전력: 600VA 정격전압출력 : 220V, 60㎐ Pluse duration: 1,350ms 펄스반복률: 1~20㎐ 냉각: Water Cooling Optical Guide: sapphire crystal Laser spot area: 18㎜ⅹ8㎜ 레이저위험등급: IEC60825-1(2001) 중량: 30㎏ 치수(W×D×H): 460×550×920(㎜)

제품의 사용목적
- Using light energy for cutting, destruction,removal from semiconductor laser. - Reduce the pain for using high frequency energy

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808nm Diode Laser ICE RF X-Forte
808nm Diode Laser ICE RF X-Forte
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